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MASQUE D'OR with Marie de Villepin at Chateau de Versailles/Grand Trianon

Director : Julien Landais


Actors : Marie de Villepin, Romain Bertucca, Julien Landais


Cinematographer : Fabien Margnac

Editor : Julien Kotny

Colorist : Bertrand Duval /Medialab


Art Direction : Clementine Landais

Make-up Artists : Aya Fujta

Hairstylist : Muriel Vancauwen


Location : Chateau de Versailles / Grand Trianon


Inspired by mangas The Rose of Versailles and Saint Seyia, Masque d’Or tells the story of Andrea, (French actress Marie de Villepin) on her quest to get back the black swan ring stolen by her rival Masque d’Or, who hides in the magnificent palace of Versailles, so as to reunite it with her magical white swan ring. But will she manage to kill Masque d’Or’s evil guard, the black samurai? 

CAMELLIAS with Marie-Anne Chazel, Andrea Ferreol and Julien Landais - Teaser

Directed by Julien Landais


With Marie-Anne Chazel, Andrea Ferreol and Juien Landais


written by Julien Landais, Hannah Bhuiya, Jean Pavans and Clementine Landais


Cinematographer. : Fabian Rosler


Sound : Jean Casanova

Editor : Julien Kotny

Colorist : Rafael Sultan

Sound mix : Guillaume Moutardier

Original Score : Vincent Carlo


Set decorator : Quentin Leuillier

Art Direction/Costume : Clementine Landais



SHAKKI starring Daphne Guinness - Trailer 

SHAKKI starring Daphne Guinness - 20 min


Directed by Julien Landais


starring Daphne Guinness, Laura Eastwood, Andrea Ferreol, Julien Landais, Dragan Nikolic, Emily Caillon, Christophe de Choisy, Clémentine Landais, Gerhard Freidl and Sarah Biasini.


Cinematographer. : Fabian Rosler

Editor : Julien Kotny

Colorist : Karim Touzene / Onemoreprod


Art Director : Clementine Landais

Hairstylist : Laurent Philippon

Make-up Artist : Megumi Itano / Marielle Loubet



Who hasn't dreamt of being someone else?Martin has the power to enter other people's bodies and dominate their souls thanks to Judith, with whom he made a Faustian deal.Judith abandoned him. He will persist tirelessly to conquer her again under different shapes.

Directed by Julien Landais


Models: Alice Aufray (NEXT), Gaspard Menier (IMG)


Cinematographer. : Mathieu Lanchec

Editor : Julien Kotny


Art Direction: Hannah Bhuyia

Stylist: Clémentine Landais

Hair: Tobias Sagner

Make-up: Camille Arnaud



Music: Julien Landais

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